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Payroll Add-on

The Payroll Add-on supports all payroll functions and labor laws for performing salary processing in the Middle East.
Payroll has a build in Time and Attendance module, allowing seamless integration with time and attendance devices through an API (application program interface) or file upload.
This document describes the setup and the workflows in order to successfully run salary processing.  The document is divided into three major sections:  Setup, Processing and Time and Attendance.


Property Management Add-on

The Property management add-on support operation and control of real estate, includes tenant, maintenance and repairs, and the ongoing administration of real property.
Tenant placement begins with advertising and showing the property, and it ends when the tenant has signed all necessary paperwork, provided all deposits and required rents, and has been handed the key the property.
Maintenance and repairs may occur prior to occupancy or during occupancy as the need arises.


Process Integration Add-on

The Process Integration add-on help you to make replication data between any software use Microsoft SQL database and ERPs.
Process Integration can be used to link Machines, POS,WeightBridges ,..etc to ERPs.


Advance HR Add-On

Choosing simple-to-use and best-fit HR Solution is critical to engage and empower your employees so that you bring your organization to higher level. Advanced HR solution is designed to involve all employees and automate the processes of HR so that HR department will have improvement in its efficiency and productivity. The solution covers the following HR functions:

  • Localized Personnel information management

  • Organization structures and charts

  • Appraisal management

  • Recruitment management

  • Training management

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